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It is extremely important for the business to communicate with their customer at the right place, the right time and giving them relevant and personalised experience be successful. We help to create an interesting, effective and interactive solution to attract and engage the visitors and shoppers helping the business to expand their customer base.

Our solution TapNow- is the most accessible and effective solution to delight customers and drive engagement. It can be used to transform the retail in-store, events experience by providing intelligence and tools that enable brands to make well-informed business decisions. It gives you a detailed understanding by letting you know whom your customers are and helping to build customer loyalty and drive conversion rate.

Our solution can help your customers achieve a personalised, unique shopping experience they crave and provide you with the customer behaviour insight needed to develop targeted marketing campaigns. Our solution enables you to deliver targeted promotions and offers to the mobile devices of visitors and shoppers when they are nearby or at your location.

Out suit of solution helps the business to:-

  • Funnel new customers into your business or store
  • Send TapNow based offers to engage with the customer at the right time
  • Delight customers with loyalty rewards for successive visits
  • Enhance the checkout experience
  • Leverage in-store traffic to drive app download easily
  • Enable customers to interact with the product they have bought
  • Generating leads for Re-targeting
  • Improve faster with instant customer feedback
  • Understand customer preference
  • Analyse product performance in real-time basis
  • Monitor in-store shoppers’ behaviour and respond quickly
  • Better managed inventory placement basis in-store shopper’s behaviour