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Geo-Location Analytics

Brands currently invest their local sales force to gain offline location intelligence for various purpose like open a new retail store, evaluate consumption potential of individual area/pockets, and then benchmark it to their existing dealer network. These manual efforts are accompanied by error margins and bias, which can be negated through intelligence like:

  • Satellite Imagery
  • Demographic Data sources like Population, households, SC/ST population, literacy, education, employment
  • Economic Data sources like Nightlights, agricultural incomes, built up, the proportion of roof types, GSDP
  • Environmental Datasources like Gridded rainfall and temperatures, extreme climatic days
  • Liveable factors source like Household conditions, irrigated area, living conditions, Access to schools, ATMs, medical facilities, roads, nearest town/ district HQ, and mandis.
  • Others factors like Household consumption expenditure, built-up, car/tractor registration
Brand Benefits:
  • Market explorer – Brands can use local physical stores as drivers to analyze current distributor performance to
    • Evaluate coverage
    • Identify gaps and
    • Target areas for expansion
  • Market insight – Micro-profiling of markets using our in-house database of 300+ indicators
  • Market vision -Estimating market potential (in terms of sales) using machine learning and statistical modelling