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E-Learning Platform

Historically employee training has been an expensive and time-consuming part of hiring and managing a workforce, the advent of eLearning platform and solution has revolutionized the old myth and has quickly gained popularity as a more effective alternative by many large organizations.

eLearning solution through the Learning Management System (LMS) has proved to be more versatile and cost-effective teaching method. The feature of revisiting the content and its interactivity has made it one of the most useful tools by the learners. This versatility is what makes it so essential to select a robust and easy to use corporate Learning Management System or LMS. A corporate LMS offers employees easy access to their required coursework while also allowing employers to track their progress.

Data Vue 360 understands the importance of time and the learning need and aims to create a highly effective and customised eLearning solution including the LMS (the platform) and the content ensuring that the training objective is met and also make it cost-effective for the business.

We make sure that the best eLearning development tools are used to develop the LMS and the eLearning content which promote interactive learning with gamification.

We keep a “bring-it-on” approach, so if your requirement is on a training course or a whole training program, Data Vue 360 provides customised eLearning services to you.


Our customized eLearning solution has two portfolios
1. Platform

A fully customized and white labelled e-leraning platform with a focus on ease of managing and great user experience. The USP is its elegance and simplicity both for the business and the user.

Features of our LMS
  • White labelling
  • Scalable
  • E-Commerce enable
  • Program, Certification and Progress tracking at individual and group level
  • Mobile ready
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • Supports all kind of course/program
  • Flexibility of customisation
  • Cost-effective
  • GDPR Compliant
2. E-Learning Content Creation

We don’t build eLearning content – We design a learning experience
We build custom eLearning content based on Modern Instructional Design and Visual Design principles to create an impactful learning experience. While developing the eLearning content, we use interactive elements such as animations, stories, scenarios, gamification, themes, learning content and interactions to keep the learning engaged and involved.

We work closely with our clients to identify the most appropriate learning solutions aligned to their specific business goals, timelines and budget.

Key features of our eLearning content work
  • Relevant Out content is customised to the fir of the business need, organisation culture and learner context. We incorporate relatable stories, simulations, Scenarios and case studies so that the learners can connect their experience with real-world examples. All the content is crafted adhering to your brand and style guidelines.
  • Motivational Our content is created based on an adult learning principle and is organised in such a way that it reduces the cognitive overload and increases the understanding and retention of the learner. They are visually rich to attract the learners into training material providing a personalised learning experience.
  • Measurable & Memorable To provide an actual digital experience and creating a lasting impression, we focus on building our eLearning content more interactive and dynamic. All our courses/content are SCROM compliant enables the organisation to track the learner’s progress through LMS.
  • Interactive Our gamified approach towards building the content helps to create a fun environment with realistic challenges to meet the learning objective. Assessment activities are designed to test the knowledge and decision-making skills of the learners.