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Customer Journey Mapping

A customer makes a particular journey in the purchase, consumption, service and then repurchase of a product or service. We need to ensure that the structure and the processes of the enterprise are in complete alignment with the customer journey.

We need to map and continuously track this journey from the customer’s point of view. Enterprise’s view sometimes causes misunderstanding of this journey. For example sales cycles sometimes are misunderstood as consumer seasonality. We bring in the unbiased view and ensure the implementation happens objectively and precisely.

Some examples we have experienced where Customer Journey Mapping has enabled not just better customer experience but better business returns –

  • Forex Card being repositioned as Travel Card as the customer not familiar with intricacies of forex and is depending on the bank to make it simple
  • Automobile company customising test drive, to booking, to delivery to follow up using digital platforms reducing customer interaction time substantially
  • Medical diagnostics company creates a ‘care’ platform to counter severe discounting and ‘commoditization’ of business