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Advisory Services

We are happy to partner with your enterprise in an advisory capacity to enable a few interventions which can go a long way in ensuring business success.

It could be things you could be already doing but wanting to take to a different level given the new dynamic scenario or it could be something which will be introduced in your enterprise for the first time. We deliver this with complete sensitivity

  • Customer Journey Mapping

    Customer Journey Mapping

    A customer makes a particular journey in the purchase, consumption, service and then repurchase of a product or service. We need to ensure that the structure and the processes of the enterprise are in complete alignment with the customer journey.

    We need to map and continuously track this journey from the customer’s point of view. Enterprise’s view sometimes causes misunderstanding of this journey. For example sales cycles sometimes are misunderstood as consumer seasonality. We bring in the unbiased view and ensure the implementation happens objectively and precisely.

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  • Go To Market Strategies

    Go To Market Strategies

    The way the product and service are introduced in the market is key to how the market accepts that product or service. How profitably we have mapped and segmented the markets, how the channels are motivated and integrated, how consistent and impactful is the sales team’s effort, how much the regional nuances been taken into account, how sharply has our product or service been positioned, how are we making the customer experience differentiated ; all this goes into a successful go to market strategy.

    Our multi capability team of consulting, marketing, digital, technology and sales professionals are always keen to make brands take their best first foot forward.

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  • Data-Driven Campaign Management

    Data-Driven Campaign Management

    In today’s hyper-competitive environment sustained customer engagement makes brands stand out. Due to spamming and indiscriminate message bombarding is making customer’s interest go down. No wonder open and click rates are on a downward spiral.

    We are happy to offer intelligent Campaign Management services which cover designing, planning, tool selection and implementation, omnichannel engagement and tracking, campaign one view, social media integration and response analytics.We align your campaign plans to the business objectives to track business results that the campaigns are delivering.

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  • AI/ML/IOT Transition

    AI/ML/IOT Transition

    The new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet Of Things(IoT) are slowly transforming by making them more automated and thus more efficient. With the repetitive processes getting automated and machines becoming intelligent, human resources can focus on value addition; this makes the processes efficient and people feel more empowered. This can be done in a modular model wherein we pick a process, transform it, track results and then roll it out in stages.

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  • Technology Advisory

    Technology Advisory

    There is an explosion of technology today. For one business problem, there could be multiple technology options available. In many cases, it becomes complex to evaluate which technology will be most optimal given the current context and also in the long run. With our experience across multiple businesses and techniques, we have the capabilities to create a lucid project report on the technology road map for the process or the enterprise.

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